Should we go with one videographer or two?

Great, you’ve decided to hire a wedding videographer. If you choose to go with Obviouschild Productions, you won’t have to worry about that question because we are a husband and wife team and we always film together. In fact, no matter who you choose to go with, we suggest you always make sure you get at least two videographers. It is absolutely necessary to make sure you are covered from the best angle and your film tells the story of your day.

Should we go HD Blu-Ray or standard DVD?

Obviously weddings are expensive and video is no exception. If it is within your budget to go HD, we highly recommend it. We are shooting all the footage in HD either way and it will look noticably more clear if it is burned to Blu-Ray rather than DVD.

How would you describe your style?

Many wedding video companies claim to shoot documentary style. That’s okay, but we feel like we do more than that. We orchestrate your wedding video to be cinematic and beautiful. We want to not only document your day, but to compose a film that captures the essence of the wedding and who you are. We are as unobtrusive as possible. But we won’t just sit back if grandma gets in our shot and let that be. We will move around, utilizing the glidecam to get the best shot from the best angle possible. We are young and agile and love weddings!

Do you do photography as well?

Specializing has allowed us to offer a superior product at an affordable price. We can however refer you to some great local photographers that we have worked with! Check out some of these links: engagement photography sessions, wedding photography. We also offer architectural photography.

Do we get to meet you beforehand?

Absolutely, as we have said, the more comfortable you are with your videographer, the more fun we will have and the better your video will turn out! If we all have fun we will get fun and unique shots that you will cherish for a lifetime. Meeting beforehand isn’t absolutely necessary and if we are crunched for time we can talk on the phone or even Skype to talk about what you are looking for out of your wedding video.

Can you do any better on the price?

Our prices are current and we think they are a super good deal. Disagree? Have you narrowed it down to us and a competitor? Tell us who and we will give you our honest opinion and see if there’s anything we can do.