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  1. Laura on ·

    Alright, two questions/ topics to bring up:

    1) When using music in your videos, do you have the clients sign some sort of agreement that they are responsible for copyright? What if they want to upload it for family and friends on facebook? Would you then make two versions? Copyrighted music and royalty free music? Something I ran across and wondered how others deal with that.

    2) Audio. I don’t have an amazing budget. What is the best, budget friendly way to collect crisp audio of the bride and groom? I read up on the Zoom H4N, but really am clueless as what other wireless options there are to use in conjunction with DSLR.

    • Copyright will remain a sticky situation for the foreseeable future. The short answer is, you will not be able to upload anything with copyrighted music to Facebook, so don’t bother trying. I have in the past, made a separate score for clients looking to put their video on Facebook for purposes of sharing. I have not ever had clients sight any agreement for copyright purposes, but maybe that is a good idea. When I upload to Youtube, it seems legit because that song usually gets linked to iTunes and the like being ultimately good for the artist. If you are looking for non-copyrighted music you can find loads of sites that offer such music with a simple google search.

      2 – Audio is touch, even if you have a reasonable budget. A no budget solution is to download an mp3 app for your smart phone. Put it in airplane mode then hit record and throw it in the pocket of the groom. Should have no problem recording fairly crisp audio for hours. I own the Zoom, but it doesn’t do a whole lot of good unless the wedding is using a microphone. What you really need is a wireless lapel; you can get a cheap set for around 150 dollars. it won’t have very good range, but you could let the zoom capture the audio from it, and put the recording device somewhere within twenty feet of where the bride/groom will be standing; freeing you from having to be so close with your camera gear.

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  4. Eduardo Pedro on ·

    Thanks a lot!! It gave me a lot of idea for my wedding video montage… :)