You are gonna love this: We don’t do our packages hourly!

That means you will get over 11 hours of coverage. And we don’t make you inquire just to find pricing! We are transparent and make planning the way it should be.

We want to capture your day almost as much as you do. We want to tell your story. We will be there when you are getting ready, and we will be there when you are winding down ensuring we capture your whole day. That’s why we keep it simple. Just choose the delivery method and leave the rest up to us. That means that every bride gets the same quality content; you just have to decide if you want it delivered on DVD or in High Definition.


PRICING | $4450

That’s it! We believe you should not have to choose what hours we are there. Why Struggle between picking package A or package B? Why should I give one Bride any less attention and quality service than the next? We decided long ago that we only wanted to offer the best in wedding videography, so we give all our clients our finest work. The following are typically included on every disc – exceptions exist based on unique wedding conditions.