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  2. I enjoyed your advice and found it useful. I have only a Canon Rebel t4i and I have a Wedding soon thinking of using a Canon m50 camcorder with a great sensor. I am by myself and will use same resolution and frame rate. I will be using a home made steadi cam, for DSLR and I have kit lens and 50mm, I have done events and few weddings, also have used 3 chip config. broadcast cameras for 10 years,
    What is your advice on doing this alone? and can you recommend settings or preperations.?

    • T4i is a great camera for wedding videography. I am not familiar with the M50, but it appears to be a consumer level camcorder and it likely does not perform well in low light–you will probably find it to be nearly worthless in any reception hall or dark church, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take it with me. I might set it up high if I an at the ceremony/reception as an overall for when I am moving. If I only have two cameras to cover a ceremony and they are not the same camera I would probably place the m50 up high and dead center. I would use the t4I on a light tripod to run around. I cut to my b-roll when I was moving – center, -groomside – bride side… I would make sure I didn’t move too often. Stay put in each spot for at least 3-5 minutes before you move again. I would capture a few minutes of footage back toward the audience for additional B roll that could be used at any time in the wedding for fill. I would make sure I captured audio with a separate device… even a phone with an mp3 application placed on the altar… When I was moving around with the t4i, I would never hit the stop button. Make the recordings as long as possible so that you only have to sync the audio once or twice during the entire ceremony–very important. Try to get the proper matching white balance on both cameras so they look okay edited together at each location (also important). Lastly, I would pretty much ONLY use the 50mm lens and I would pretty much use it wide open the entire time!

  3. Stephen R. Bellew on ·

    I have watched your example videos and I love your style. I am about to do my 4th wedding and I am really glad I found this site. I am curious what you use to steady your camera? Do you use a program to stabilize the video or do you have something like a shoulder mount? Thanks!