11 comments on “Wedding Video Business | Getting Started

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  2. You left off something so crucial. Battery and memory. You will need about 4 batteries for each camera and a good 100 GBs worth of memory for each camera or a laptop to back the footage up.

    • You are so right Tim! Very good point. I agree 100% – I have 4 batteries for each camera (running 2 at a time using grips) and some weddings are in excess of 100gb for sure. Thanks for the comment~!

      • You’re very welcome! Also, I bought AC adapters for both cameras. That way if the batteries run out, I can use a long extension cord and move around that way.

  3. Hi! this is great info!! just one question: having in mind being the first gig and all (at least with this type of equipment for me), what microphone and lighting solution do you recommend?

    • I would try to avoid lighting. For my frist gig ever, I wouldn’t use microphones either. That’s my honest answer. I would just use a 50mm 1.4 for the light issue, and I would make sure I get close to my subjects so audio is good. I think those starting just need to keep it simple.

  4. Great post! Thank you! I’ve been using ENG camcorders to shoot weddings, but now turning to DSLRs. Any advise on how to successfully promote/market your wedding videography services?

    • Sam, I think keeping a blog and using sites like Facebook are a good start. Find ways to engage your audience. Always do trailers for videos, and then the final video online as well. Brings people to your page twice. There are so many great articles out there about marketing – I’m no expert.

  5. I just did a phone interview with George Street. They are based in Chicago as well. Have you ever worked an event with them? If so what are your thoughts?

    • They offer a very different product; for the budget minded. They are a larger studio. Just carefully select video/photo talent. Look at ‘whole weddings’ not just highlights because they employ a lot of people.